8 Stress Management Tips For Brides To Be

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Wedding planning and just thinking about how near the wedding date itself is, is enough to give anybody stress. So, when your D-day is almost knocking at your door, how do you keep the stress away successfully? Here are our stress management tips that are guaranteed to keep you smiling no matter what!

Make Lists

stress management tips

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No, you’re not superhuman and when you have so many things happening all together, keeping track of everything can be really hard. That’s why you need to jot down everything as and when it happens because that will in itself keep you updated on what’s been done and what needs to be done.


stress management tips

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When you really need a breather, simply close your eyes, find a quiet corner and meditate. There are handy apps like One Minute Meditation which need just one minute of your time to help you rewind and re-find your inner calm. The best part about meditation is that it can be done anywhere at all.

Use Essential Oils

stress management tips

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Yes, strong oils like lavender have been proven to help soothe the mind and get you a restful night in bed. Dab a few drops on your pillow and you’ll find a change in your mood. Or use scented candles in the bedroom.

Include Me-Time

stress management tips

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Wedding planning is stressful and one of our favourite stress management tips involves, making time just for yourself. Watch a movie, read a book, eat out- do anything that isn’t related to weddings.

Get Moving

stress management tips

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Exercise is a proven stress buster and you shouldn’t be thinking twice about hitting the gym or your favourite Zumba class. It gives your body a workout and releases a host of good hormones too.

Keep a Diarystress management tips

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Writing down your thoughts and emotions can work wonders in helping you feel calm and zen like. In fact, writing down incidents that make you feel a certain way will also help you find ways to control mood swings later.

Get Help

stress management tips

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So your mother in law is pretty good at flower arrangements but you’re concerned that asking her opinion on what flowers to have at the wedding just wouldn’t seem right. On the contrary, people are more than happy to help if you just ask them- so don’t hesitate to ask.

Pamper Yourself

stress management tips

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You’re a bride to be and it’s all about you, so that’s why it’s perfectly legit to get yourself pampered with some spa sessions or even reflexology sessions that are designed to drive out stress and bring in inner peace.

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