8 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Wedding

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Whether we like it or not, social media has become a big part of our lives and it’s just one click away no matter where we are. You’ll find plenty of articles on why too much of social media may actually be bad, but we think that by using the right tools, you can actually get your friends and family to join the wedding planning bandwagon months before the D-Day. Here are our top 8 tips on how best to use social media for your wedding day:

Pinterest It

It’s no surprise that Pinterest is fast becoming the one stop source of inspiration for brides to be and wedding planners from all over the world. Whether you’re surfing to pick up something for yourself or just because you like the pretty pictures (we know we do!), Pinterest is the one social media friend who will always have something new for you every day.

Create E-Invites

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Nobody really saves those expensive wedding cards that people spend thousands on, and that’s why an e-invite may be the next best alternative when it comes to asking guests to save the date. You’ll find plenty of online e card options which suit your budget and which can be customised exactly to match your needs.

Shoot a Short Video Wedding Invitation

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Ok, so you’d like to do something more fun than simply send out an e-invite. Why not shoot a short video and simply send it to all your contacts on Whatsapp? It’s a different way of inviting them to make it to your special day and best of all, it’s a wedding invitation you can bet they wont be ‘deleting’ anytime soon.

Whatsapp It

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Want to get all your buddies, bridesmaids, relatives or cousins in just one place? Create Whatsapp groups and you’ll realise that letting people know the right information at the right time was never this easy!

Facebook Events

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Finding it hard to keep track of who you invited and who just may come for your big event? Simply turn to social media and in this case specifically, Facebook. Log onto your Facebook account and create an event. You can upload photos, invite people to check out your page, keep them posted on what’s happening and best of all, you’ll get a live update of who would be coming and who won’t. It’ll help make planning much easier.

Have a Hashtag

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Here’s a fun way to keep guests guessing as to what’s coming. By having your own hashtag, you give yourself the opportunity to upload photos or memories on multiple sites like Twitter and Instagram. This lets your guests stay updated whenever you post something new and is a good way to get them to post pictures online using the same hashtag too.

Hello Instagram

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Where would social media be without the likes of Instagram and all those short videos that are uploaded every second on to the site? Got many photos that you want to share with the world? Then Instagram it! This way all your guests get to download the photos that they want and you get to create a live album of your memories too. Plus, do remember that this is forever!


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So, your friends sitting in the other part of the world really wanted to join you on your special day but couldn’t? Facebook Live or Skyping is your answer then. Just by allowing live streaming of the content online, you allow friends and relatives to be present virtually at your wedding. It makes them feel glad that they didn’t miss a single moment either.

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