Avoid These Unexpected Surprises During Wedding Planning

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Ask any two brides you may know about their wedding planning experience and chances are that you will get two entirely different stories. Taking suggestions from loved ones when it comes to wedding planning can go a long way in reducing expenses and of course make the entire decision making aspect easier too. But if you think that you may be prepared for just about anything that comes your way, hold that thought for a second! Here are a few surprises you may or may not have prepared for but which you are likely to encounter during wedding planning:


Your wedding planner and you have different ideas about what your wedding should be like.

This is in fact a much more common problem than you’d imagine simply because brides have a certain idea of how they want their wedding to be thanks to the gazillion wedding magazines they may have flipped through whereas wedding planners consider each wedding they organise as a showcase of their talent. They want your wedding to be so trendy and so spectacular that your guests will ask who the wedding planner is. In a wedding that has nothing new to offer guests and which does not stand out for any particular reason, there could be more damage done to a planner’s reputation than good. However, it is after all your wedding and if you have clear ideas as to what kind of theme you want or any other aspects, it is the job of your planner to take it forward. On the other hand, your planner will also be the best person to give you unbiased advice about whether your ideas are practical or not and if they can be made even better.


Your vendors don’t understand wedding related terms like ‘trendy’, ‘classy’, ‘vintage’ or ‘boho’. Talking to them stresses you out.

Dealing directly with vendors is an additional responsibility you can avoid if you have a wedding planner to do the negotiations for you. However, if you would prefer to do the entire wedding planning on your own, then meeting vendors in person and negotiating is an important task that you would need to do by yourself. Vendors may not necessarily be up to date with the latest wedding terms doing the rounds, but if you have approached people with good credentials, then you can be fairly certain that all will go well on D-day. One of the best ways to help vendors understand what exactly you want is by showing them pictures or photographs of a specific item. For example, if you want your linen to be a radiant orchid shade, giving them a swatch will help them serve you better. Ensure that they don’t hesitate to get in touch with you whenever the need arises.

We will be back with more tips on other unexpected surprises that you should prepare for during wedding planning.

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