9 Tips For Buying Bridal Jewellery

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Picking and choosing the perfect bridal jewellery for each ceremony is honestly easier than done. Yet when the right jewellery is paired with the right wedding ensemble, it can add to a bride’s aura and make her look so glamorous. Undoubtedly, it’s always the bridal jewellery that is often discussed and commented upon at weddings. So, how do you choose the jewellery that will match your wedding wear or your trousseau for the other ceremonies? Here are 9 tips to help you make the right purchasing decisions:

Don’t Go By Magazine Images

Models look gorgeous when they appear in print ads for jewellery brands but just because it looks good on another person, it doesn’t mean that the same piece will look just as good on you. Getting inspired by what’s featured in a magazine is one thing but going ahead and purchasing it without a trial is another.

Avoid Purchasing Online

So, you were flipping through a few jewellery sites online and you found the perfect cocktail ring to wear at the mehendi. But are you certain that the image you see online is what you will get? Or if the stone used is fake or a genuine one? Unless you can try out the jewellery before buying it, we do not suggest falling for budget deals and too good to be true bargains.

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Buy Detachable Pieces

Detachable pieces which can be worn in multiple ways are trending and they are high value for a budget conscious customer. Besides giving a bride the freedom to wear the piece anyway she likes, the same bridal jewellery can be worn at different functions without being repetitive.

Jewellery Vs Hairstyle

It’s important to take your jewellery along with you when visiting your stylist for your bridal makeup trial. This way, you can change your hairstyle if needed so that your bridal jewellery isn’t overshadowed by it. The hairstyle must complement the jewellery.

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Give Heritage Pieces a Try

If you have inherited jewellery pieces that once belonged to your grandmother or your mother, a wedding is the perfect time to bring them out and wear them. Yes, traditional bridal jewellery is trending and if you speak to your designer, she can advice you on how to carry off both traditional and modern elements without looking out of place.

Avoid Multi-Coloured stones

You may love wearing both pearls and diamonds, but considering that your bridal wear is going to have plenty of embroidery, mixing two or more stones together gives a rather clownish effect. Stick with just one stone type for a better effect and go with a shade that stands out, rather than blends in with your bridal wear.

Opt for One Type Of Metal

Imagine how awkward it would look if a bride wore gold, platinum and precious stones on her wedding day altogether. If you love wearing jewellery, then we suggest wearing just one type of metal for each ceremony. For example, choose platinum for the mehendi and gold for the wedding. This way, there won’t be a clash of jewellery going on!

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Size Does Matter

No, we aren’t just talking about the size of your baubles but also of the size of your forehead and nose. If you have a large prominent forehead, then a bigger maang-tikka will look good whereas for a forehead of a smaller size, a smaller maang-tikka would be the best option. Similarly, large nose-rings don’t look good on all brides and the size of your nose and shape of the face should be the important determining factor before making a purchase.

Pay Attention To Comfort

A bride rarely thinks about how comfortable she is likely to be when wearing heavy bridal jewellery but that should be taken into account while shopping. Heavy ear-rings and neck pieces will cause discomfort after hours of use and could even cause neck pain. It’s important that a bride try on any jewellery before making a purchase. Plus, there are plenty of other options other than gold which can be considered and which look just the real thing too.

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