Avoid these Wedding Flower Arrangement Mistakes

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You may have read a fair share of wedding horror stories which went wrong for multiple reasons, but ever heard of a wedding in which the flowers that were arranged turned out to be a nightmare? How did that happen, you wonder. But believe it or not, wedding floral arrangements can be horrendously expensive and here are the kind of wedding flower mistakes you should avoid:



Not consulting a florist: Take the time to talk to an established florist in detail. It’s always a good idea to let him or her know what kind of flowers you would like to have but always take an expert’s advice. Florists will be able to guide you with regard to what kind of flower arrangement would suit the venue, your bridal look and the general ambience well. You could even ask them to even suggest or put together a few floral bouquets and arrangements for you, so that you’re certain of your eventual choice.



Not having a budget: Don’t be swayed by all those ultra sexy blooms you spot in wedding magazines because they can be a huge drain on your wallet. It’s always good to have some kind of budget with regard to any floral arrangement because then you know exactly what you are paying for. Many florists also offer wedding packages which includes decorating your car as well, so visiting more than one florist studio will give you a better idea about the current market rates.



Ordering out of season flowers: It’s logical- current in season blooms will be more readily available and affordable too. Unless you can afford to fly in orchids and other exotic flowers from other countries, it is best to stick with whatever is in season. Besides, you can also be assured that your florist will give you fresh flowers which look like they have been just plucked, when you choose to go local. Don’t forget- it’s all for one day after all.



Trying to go DIY: Choosing a DIY approach is fine if you’re planning for a small event or an at home party. But, this is your wedding day and wouldn’t you want it to be really special? If that’s a yes, avoid the danger of micro-managing everything to do with the floral arrangement and leave it to your wedding planner and florist to do the needful. You’ll be grateful for their experience and expertise in this area after the ceremonies are over!













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