Countdown To Planning A Destination Bachelor Party

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The countdown has begun and the destination bachelor party is now just weeks away. So, now that you have taken the lead and made all the important decisions, your time to sit back and relax is just a few days away. Here are the final bits that you need to take care of:


3 Weeks in Advance:

  • Get in touch with the hotel that you have finalized and ensure that there are enough rooms for all the guests. Don’t forget to ensure that you have your confirmation details nicely stored in your inbox. Sharing the reservation emails with the rest of the group is a great idea too.
  • If you have planned anything else as a surprise for the group, don’t forget to make arrangements in that regard too. Plus if you’re planning to host any naughty games for the groom, it’s wise to buy whatever you need right away. Don’t forget to split the expenses with the group.
  • If alcohol is a star feature while you and the gang are enjoying yourselves, then it also makes sense to put together a mini hangover kit for the entourage. Trust us, many a destination bachelor party have been completely ruined because the best men had splitting headaches the following day. Irrespective of whether they are used or not, hangover kits are a handy little tool to keep in your luggage.


1 Week in Advance

  • Now is the time to talk finances with the group and to lay bare all the financial expenses that are waiting to be cleared. Luckily, technology comes to the rescue and you’ll find some great apps that are available on both Android and iPhone like Travefy which can help you and the gang keep a clear account of individual expenses.
  • Here’s a good way to clear any confusion about what all of you will be doing on each day of the trip- simply jot down all the details per day in an easy to understand itinerary and mail it to your fellow travellers. Somebody still has a question with regard to a planned activity? Ask them to get in touch with you directly.

Just a day before you head out on your destination bachelor party trip, send a message to the entire group about how excited you are to spend some time with them. Of course, naughty messages are always welcome too. Here’s wishing you and your pals a smashing destination bachelor party.

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