Planning A Destination Bachelor Party

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What’s more fun than planning a bachelor party for your best friend? Planning a destination bachelor party! Travelling to a new country as a group, indulging in sight-seeing, shopping and letting your hair down is all part of the bachelor party experience. But as with any party, planning the right way and at the right time is also important, so here are a few tips on how to get all the details right:

3- 4 months before the trip:

  • Now is the time to shortlist a few destinations and to discuss them with your friends. While it may be tempting to pick out the place that you think is perfect and to expect everybody else to go along with it, taking the opinions of other people in the group helps them to feel involved too. Plus, the last thing you want to hear on arrival is a whine or complaint.
  • Once you’ve locked on the destination, make an excel sheet or a document giving details about flight arrivals and departures. This will be really helpful especially for those guests who aren’t flying from the same city as you or the groom. Plus, it also helps you have some idea as to who arrives when!


  • Departure date decided? Great, now don’t waste time in sending out destination bachelor party invitations. Yes, who would pass up on the thought of a bachelor party but asking guests to block the date well beforehand helps to avoid any last minute disappointments.
  • Do not assume that the hotel you want will have rooms available for you at the time that you arrive at the destination. Getting in touch with hotels and informing the other guests about the rates well in advance is also advisable.


  • Decide how the payment will be split and if each guest pays for himself or herself, then it’s wise to keep an account of the expenses via email or even via a mobile app. That way, there are no confusions later and no ugly fights about somebody paying more or less than the others.

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