How To Organise A Destination Bachelor Party

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As promised, we’re back with more tips on how to organise a smashing destination bachelor party. So, whip out your notebooks as we do the countdown to D Day:


2 months before the trip

  • We bet you never thought that planning a destination bachelor party would require so much of effort and time, but by spreading out your To-Do list over the space of a few months, you ensure that you actually enjoy planning the entire trip. Plus, there’s no space for any nasty surprises that way either! Now is the perfect time to go ahead and to look more closely at the best hotel or resort for the gang. In fact, if you can, go ahead and block rooms on the respective dates as well. Don’t forget to keep the gang informed about the developments by listing any money spent and any activity fixed through a Whatsapp group or in a Google spreadsheet that can be accessed and edited from anywhere.
  • Now is the perfect time to decide which places you would like to visit and what are the activities you would like to try out. Take suggestions from everyone in the group and most importantly, don’t forget to ask the groom himself if there is anything specific he would like to try. We suggest avoiding the usual tourist spots and reading local blogs and news about the best local activities to try out. In fact, booking an adventure trip or an adrenalin boosting daredevil act like bungee jumping for the entire group is a fantastic way to push one’s limits to the test and also to create ‘buddy’ memories for a lifetime. Meanwhile, don’t forget to do some reading on the best cuisines to indulge in and the popular hangout spots too.


1 month before the trip

  • Let’s assume you were so busy putting all the details together that you forgot to inform the rest of the group about what you were up to. Now is the right time to finalise the itinerary and to include any last minute suggestions.
  • Splitting the bills and deciding who is going to pay what and how much isn’t always the easiest of topics to put across. But if you don’t start talking money now, then there’s a good likelihood that nobody Sure, everybody wants to have fun when it’s a destination bachelor party but everybody will have a budget in mind too. It’s always better to add, subtract, multiply and divide the figures before you all meet up for the party.

Yes, we are almost there and our next article will be the last wrap up in our tri series on planning a destination bachelor party. So stay clued in to find out more.

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