Indian Groom’s Series: Public Proposal Tips

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There’s something very sweet about watching a young guy proposing to his girl, ring in hand, on a bended knee. If the girl does say yes, you can bet that you’ll also hear a collective round of sighs and ‘awws’ from the spectators. What is it about a public proposal that makes it so endearing and yet so terrifying at the same time? Is it endearing because the guy who proposes isn’t afraid of showing his love for his girl to the world and could it also be terrifying because there is also a chance that the girl will say ‘no’ and thus embarrass the guy?


public proposal

Most women prefer a private proposal but if you are 100% certain about proposing in public, we’ve got a smart list of tips just for you. Our one suggestion would be to try and get her parents to be a part of the crowd as well because we’re sure they would love to be a part of this important moment and hey, considering that you will be their future son-in-law, a few brownie points wouldn’t hurt either! Here goes:



restaurant proposal

Opt for a public proposal only if you are 100% sure about the future of the relationship itself. It’s important to have discussed marriage at least once or twice with your partner before you are confident enough to take the next step. If you are unsure about what your partner’s answer maybe, it’s best to give the relationship more time and take a decision later.




Proposing marriage when you both are sky diving or in a hot air balloon together may sound romantic, but don’t let your partner feel that saying ‘No’ is not an option at all. Marriage is an important decision and a serious commitment which is why it is also important to give your partner time and space to say yes or no. It shouldn’t be a choice that is regretted later.


romantic proposal

Choose the location wisely. We suggest going with a garden, a park or any other romantic outdoor setting. Avoid malls, multiplexes and other heavily crowded areas which could make you nervous and spoil the mood. Even if you do propose in front of others, it should still be a romantic moment for the both of you. And, don’t forget to ask a pal to record the proposal for you too!


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