Failed Makeup & Fashion Trends to Stay Away From

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We agree that everybody decides and defines her own style when it comes to the bridal ensemble. One decides upon the makeup depending on the occasion, time of the day, the dress and the style statement ones plans on making. Several factors must be taken into consideration while choosing one’s makeup style. Of course, trends play a big role in this too. However, while following makeup trends, one must be a tad bit careful; you certainly do not want to follow the wrong ones or the ones that have failed in the fashion world. So today, we have listed a number of these failed makeup trends that brides need to stay away from this wedding season.

Failed Makeup/Fashion Trends to be Aware of

1. Contouring Overdone

While the importance of contouring  in makeup is unparalleled, overdoing it can only cause a huge fashion faux pas. There was a time when celebrities would come out with heavy contouring, but that’s no longer the trend now. Now it is all about subtle, minimalist look.

2. Full-coverage HD foundation

Whether it is your wedding or another related event; try not to go for the full-coverage foundation just to look good in the pics. Remember that this type of makeup is strictly meant for professional HD photoshoots and can look terrible if not done well.

3. Scary Long Nails

We are no longer in the 90’s when long red nails were a rage among Bollywood heroines. We have moved on from that to much sober, natural-looking nails and elegant nailart.

4. Over-plumped Lips

While the appeal of fuller lips is here to stay, too much of anything is just not desirable. You might have seen models and actresses painting their lips in a way that gives a plumped-up look, but those days are past. Today, the trend is to keep things much more natural or close-to-natural.

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5. Weird Hair Colour

Well, this is one trend that has definitely failed to win the heart of Indians. So no blue or other shockingly weird hair colour please!

6. Visibly Outlined Lips

Remember the time when ladies used to choose their lip-liner shades a lot darker than their lipstick? Well, a visible lip-liner was the trend, the key word here being ‘was’. It is not so any more, so choose a liner close to your lipstick shade as possible.

7. Abnormally Enhanced Body Parts

Unless you want your makeover to be obvious?If you plan to go under the knife, make sure the enhancements are subtle. Of course, we hope you discuss the repercussions of such surgeries with your family-to-be as well. Definitely reconsider these enhancements if you are planning to start a family in the near future.

8. Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is more suitable for everyday wear. If you are attending a wedding/prewedding function, a glossy look is more acceptable.

9. Fake Creepy Eyelashes

Eyelashes make the eyes look beautiful. But there are some that come in extra-long, extra-curvy varieties that are anything but appealing. Discuss this with your MUA and stay away from such creepy lashes.

10. Too Smoky/Catty Eyes

If you don’t want to look sleep-deprived or sick, then you must avoid those over done smoky eyes. And stay away from the cat eye too- it is a thing of the past! And please ladies- no colored contacts either! Not only do they damage your eyes, they also give you a weird look in photos.

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