Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Caterer and Menu

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The food served at your wedding might be the last thing on your mind; after all, you are more concerned about other important things like your wedding attire, your jewellery etc. However, one must not forget that the chosen wedding menu is certainly very important for the guests. In fact; it can be considered as one of the most critiqued aspects of the entire event. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your wedding caterers and menu….


In Indian weddings, it is essential to not only get the taste right; it is also important to consider the level of service as well as the time lapse between meals served. When you get this balance right; you can rest assured that your wedding menu will be remembered for years to come!


The choice of your Indian wedding caterer depends on the venue. Most banquet halls arrange for catering services along with the venue’s decorations. If, however, you choose to bring your own catering company; do ensure that you check with the venue management. Some venues may also charge you extra for the use of their kitchen facilities, so make sure you get these things cleared in the beginning.


A written quotation must be obtained prior to enlisting the services of your wedding caterers. This quotation will contain additional costs, if any, such as the prices charged for serving ware as well as the table setup and cleanup. Additionally, you are required to place a deposit to book the wedding catering company and it is imperative to note their policies regarding cancellations. Most Indian wedding caterers opt for a ‘per head’ price quote so you need to finalize your wedding guest numbers in advance.

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Traditional Indian weddings have table-seated meals with servers who are provided by the venue management or by the catering company. In South Indian weddings, guests are served on plantain leaves, while in most modern Indian weddings (like Guajarati and Punjabi) you tend to see buffet meals. The prices can all vary depending on the kind of service you choose.


Indian wedding menus differ largely based on the regional preferences. For the vegetarians, there is a wide range of choices including appetizers consisting of pakoras and samosas, fried poppadums, and (in the western weddings) Aloo wadi, Surali wadi etc. In the main course, one can have vegetable curries, paneer gravies, dal tadka, dry vegetables such as fried potatoes or mixed vegetables etc served with fried Indian puffed breads called Pooris or popular Indian flat breads called Naans. In the non vegetarian items: chicken, lamb and Goan fish curries and Ghosht  etc are the popular items. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian fares include rice varieties like Biryanis, Pilafs etc. You also get to see condiments and accompaniments including salads, pickles (achaars), mint chutney in the spreads.

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Tips for making the most out of your wedding catering

Do work closely with your wedding caterers in order to give your guests a true ‘culinary experience’ they deserve. It is a good idea to shortlist several wedding catering companies before finalizing one. Word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials also go a long way in ensuring that the best food is served during various ceremonies, rituals and the Indian wedding reception.

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