Hot Bridal Lingerie- Part 1

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As promised, we’re going to take the plunge (pun intended!) and dive straight into the world of lingerie. Here’s a peek at our hot bridal lingerie favourites that are guaranteed to make you feel oh-so –sexy:


Corsets: It wouldn’t be fair to pen an article on hot bridal lingerie without making a mention about corsets first. The original piece of lingerie to create silent waves throughout England many centuries ago is now available in more than eight different styles that can be worn with or without any outer wear! Traditionally speaking, corsets can be broadly categorized into ‘Underbusts’ (these corsets start right below the bust) and ‘Overbusts’ (these corsets are usually worn in place of a brassier). The styles we like best (with laces in the back) include the ‘Edwardian’ which has a V-shaped bottom, the ‘Plunge’ corset which has a heart shaped neckline and adds tons of oomph to your cleavage and the ‘Pointed Cincher’ which sits comfortably above the hips while giving you a flat tummy as well. When worn with a garter and stockings, you get the ultimate naughty girl look.

But for women who would prefer to wear a corset in order to enhance their figure, we’d suggest opting for one which can be opened in the front itself. There are women who claim to have lost oodles of weight just by wearing corsets day and night, but that’s something we wouldn’t recommend at any cost simply because it is a rather tight fitting garment.



Bustiers: At first sight, a bustier looks exactly like a corset and yet both work in opposite ways for a woman’s body. If a corset is worn to make one’s figure slimmer, then a bustier is worn to ‘boost’ the assets. Bustiers always have a built in bra (for the added boosting effect) and do not cover the hips at all. In fact, they usually end just as the waistline and are of course, lesser in length when compared to a corset. Many women may not find a corset that comfortable to wear and that’s where a bustier comes to the rescue! Usually made from fabric that is kind on the skin, bustiers are much more flexible in terms of elasticity and do not restrain one’s movements in any way either. Oh and if too much of lace isn’t your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that this hot bridal lingerie usually comes with  hooks either in the front or in the back.

The major advantage that bustiers have over corsets is that there are so many styles, patterns and colours in a variety of fabric material to choose from. Plus, you’re very likely to find a sexy one that fits your budget perfectly. Bustiers are without doubt a wonderful maximiser for women who would like an enhanced cleavage or who have a small bust.



Nightgowns: Nightgowns are very popular with women all across India and one reason why they are so popular could be because they are easily available at a number of retail stores. Although, nightgowns were originally intended as a piece of comfort clothing to be worn only at night, it is not unusual to find the lady of the house wearing a nightgown and going about her work at as early as 7 pm in most households. Nightgowns, which were once considered to be a suitable nightdress for spinsters or for very young children are now also being worn by young women who prefer comfort wear that is both feminine and visually appealing too. So from the humble cotton, nightgowns are now available in a variety of soft materials like silk and satin besides carrying heavy embroidery and lacework usually at the bust or at the hem of the nightgown. The necklines, patterns, designs and even sleeve sizes vary and these days, nightgowns are also paired with matching dressing gowns for a more formal look.



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