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There’s a quiet change sweeping the country in terms of modern bridal jewellery. On one hand, there are eco-friendly weddings taking place and on the other hand, there are brides who would rather experiment with other forms of modern bridal jewellery instead of wearing India’s favourite precious metal all the time- gold. Gold isn’t just seen as a much valued investment or an asset, but often, the financial wealth and status of a family is determined by how much gold the bride actually wears on her wedding day.

At WeddingsOnline, we’re proud to stand with the modern Indian bride who doesn’t hesitate to invest in priceless experiences and who knows how to look stylish without breaking the bank. So, if you have been looking for the best modern bridal jewellery suggestions as an alternative to heavy gold jewellery, here are our top – recommendations on how to rock the look:

Coloured Stones

modern bridal jewellery

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No, you don’t really have to buy that 50 lakh plus diamond choker if it’s beyond your budget. What you can do however, is to take your wedding lehenga or saree to a jewellery store which specialises in non-precious jewellery pieces and have fun putting together a new look. Real craftsmanship comes at a price and sometimes, it’s actually tough to tell a coloured stone from the real thing. If you have more than one ceremony, you don’t need to feel guilty at all about splurging because this modern bridal jewellery guarantees to be well within your budget.

Black Metal/Oxidised Silver

Black metal bangles can be quite commonly spotted on college students but did you know that there are many exquisite pieces in black metal that can make a bride look and feel like a million bucks? Many such jewellery pieces like chokers, thick bangles and rings may even feature coloured stones. Oxidised silver jewellery pieces with intricate carvings and floral designs will pair beautifully with a pastel coloured lehenga or saree. Such designs have a Mughal era feel about them and look timeless too.


modern bridal jewellery

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The worth of silver comes quite close to gold and yet this precious metal is so much more affordable. We think that a beautiful silver choker, chandelier ear-rings, a cocktail ring and other jewellery pieces would look ravishing on a bride. Silver is also one of those shades that complements all bridal wear hues without making the bride look gaudy. So, if an alternative to gold is what you want, then silver is the answer.

modern bridal jewellery

Detachable Jewellery

Modern brides are making smarter decisions when it comes to picking up modern bridal jewellery. Keeping this is mind, many well-known jewellers have started retailing jewellery that can be worn in multiple ways so that each time, the bridal look is a fresh one. For instance, a necklace may have a detachable piece that can be worn as a bracelet or as a maang-tikka.  In addition, other smaller jewellery can also be added to this to create an entirely different look.

Heirloom Jewellery

modern bridal jewellery

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Why not make the women in your family happy by wearing the jewellery that they wore on their wedding day many years before? It’s a fantastic way to keep the emotional connect with your beloved family members but more importantly, it doesn’t compromise on the style quotient at all. In fact, there’s a good chance that the heirloom or heritage jewellery pieces you wear on your wedding day will get more attention and in turn earn you more compliments.

 Go Minimalist

Minimalism simply means opting for a simple look and making do with one signature piece that stands out. In this case, you don’t have to purchase a complete jewellery set but what you can do is to pick out that one trinket or piece which contrasts or complements what you’re wearing. It could be a pair of chandelier ear-rings, a simple choker chain, an eye-catching bangle or even an exquisite maang-tikka.

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