How to Be the Best Groom Ever!

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You went down on your knees, popped that ultimate question, met her parents to ask for her hand in marriage, and, now, you are having sudden anxiety attacks that will likely continue until the wedding day comes around. Sounds like you? Well, relax- it is pretty much the same for every groom across the globe-no mater how successful or famous he is Every guy secretly wants to be just that-the best groom ever!

Is it easy? Is it tough? In fact, is it even possible to be the best groom ever? Well, when you have us as your guide, being the best groom won’t be a tough task anymore. Let us help you out with the top tips we have up on our sleeves ….

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During Wedding Planning

 1. Help Her in Decision-making

When you are asked to give an opinion about clothing, food, decor or other important matters, share your opinion with her. It shows that you are equally interested in the wedding and you have thought about it.

2. Help Her with the Dress

And save the mankind from the accusation that men always turn a cold shoulder when it comes to the most important part of their bride-to-be’s wedding planning i.e. choosing her wedding attire. So, help her with the dress selection and she would be willing to give you the award of the best groom.

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On The Big Day

 3. Propose to her, once ggain

Yes, but this time, propose to her in front of everyone. We know, the thought itself can be very intimidating and scaring, but, you can do it. Any girl would love that. Also, it shows you are not afraid to publicly display your love and affection for her.

4. Make Her Feel Comfortable

Even if you are sweating in tension, be the pillar of support for her. It’s a big day for both of you, but, she is her most vulnerable that time. Even when she is flashing that gorgeous smile, she is shaken from inside. So, be her support, make her feel comfortable. Don’t let her drown under the burden of expectations.

5. Spend Time with Her People

Chat with them, make them laugh, let her parents know that you are going to take care of her as well as the people she considers special. She would love to see you mingling so well with her family and friends. Win her people first to win her heart.

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Post-wedding Tips

 6. Reception time

It’s the reception day. She will be busy meeting all the guests. So, it’s you who must take care of her. Bring her some water, or food and let her take a break. Her parents will bless you!

7. Be The Son in Disguise

Yes, parents of every girl would love to ‘see’ another son in their son-in-law who would be beside them in times of need. So, whenever you are with your in-laws, be their son. The trophy is yours already!

Now you know how to be the best groom. Then what are you waiting for? Take the trophy home and thank us later!

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