Indian Groom Series- Fun Bachelor Party Themes 2

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We’re back with more fun ideas on how to throw a memorable bachelor party. In this article, we explore a few outdoor theme ideas:


Vacation Bachelor Party: If the groom has often spoken about how he would love to explore a new city, place or country, how about making his travel wish come true? Of course, this will be expensive but think of it as a fun vacation away from the rest of the world for the entire boy gang. There’s seriously no better fun than exploring a new place with old pals.


Outdoors Bachelor Party: If the groom has a penchant for outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, sailing or even going on a picnic, then an outdoor bachelor party is the perfect theme to choose. You could even plan a mix of activities that are not only fun but which offer plenty of Instagram moments. In fact, you’re likely to find great online deals with websites and travel agencies that actually offer such packages and activities as well.

himalayan trekkingadventure thrills

Adventure Thrills Bachelor Party: If all the above ideas seem way too mundane for you, then take things to the extreme by coaxing the groom to participate in some high octane adventurous thrills which are guaranteed to stay with him for life. Top of the list for this bachelor party are daredevil activities like bungee jumping, high speed go-karting, trekking or even scuba diving.

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