Indian Groom’s Series: Do’s For A Marriage Proposal

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Run a search on the Internet and you’ll come across plenty of good and not so good advice about how to propose to a girl romantically. But, as with most other things in life, proposing itself comes with a long list of do’s and dont’s. Those are exactly the two touchy topics we will be taking a look at in the following 2 articles.

So, read on and take notes about the must remember Do’s, before you actually propose:


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DO have an idea about how she would like to be proposed to. Blame it on Bollywood movies, childhood story tales or just a girl’s romantic notions, but every girl has dreamt of being proposed to in a ‘certain’ way. You may think that asking her to marry you while you both are watching ‘Terminator- 3’ in a jam-packed movie hall is very romantic, but we’re fairly sure that your girl thinks otherwise! So, do ask her at least once for her marriage proposal ideas and then take it from there.



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DO test the waters first. You don’t want to be known as the guy who was interested in taking things further whereas the girl preferred to remain friends. Gently dropping hints about where the relationship is headed gives you a good idea about what the girl thinks about your potential as a life-time partner and also helps you decide the right time to propose. If the relationship needs more time, don’t be in a rush to propose as that could put unnecessary stress on the relationship itself.



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DO talk to her parents about this. A wedding without the involvement of the parents is almost inconceivable in India and it’s important that her parents as well as yours approve of the possible alliance. Meeting them in person before you propose is quite a good idea and besides, convincing her father that you are the right person for her will without doubt win you his respect too.



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DO practice your marriage proposal speech. While you’re not expected to speak eloquently for ten minutes, at least letting your future partner know why she means so much to you is important. After all, what you say is just as important as how you say it.

We’ll be back with a list of don’ts for marriage proposals so stay tuned!





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