Indian Groom’s Series: Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas 3

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Putting together our top romantic marriage proposal ideas is definitely quite a task, but while it’s great to be inspired, it’s also important to add your own little twist and really put your creative juices to the test. Here are four more cute romantic marriage proposal ideas:



proposalromantic proposal

Not every guy is comfortable proposing to a girl in front of friends and family members. But there’s absolutely no harm in asking for a little privacy so that you say the words out right. Why not suggest going for a long drive together and propose to her then? Or ask her to explore a new town or place with you. This gives you both the opportunity to spend some alone time together as well as to cherish the moment with privacy.



valentine's dayvalentines day proposal

Everybody has those few special days of the year which mean something more. It could be Valentine’s Day, the day you two met, a birthday or even a family occasion. It’s no surprise that the most marriage proposals are usually made on Valentine’s Day but proposing on a day that means a lot to both of you also makes the romantic moment that much more valued.



unusual proposalsjigsaw puzzles

There’s no harm in playing a game or two while proposing! And no, we’re not suggesting a round of golf or shooting hoops. But, how about putting together a romantic jigsaw puzzle of the two of you instead? Get one that spells out the words or a puzzle which features both of you together. Assembling all the pieces to create a meaningful picture or image is certainly a romantic marriage proposal idea!


wedding ringengagament ring

So, you’ve thought hard about what to say and how to say it, but you’re a guy who prefers a more direct approach. Take her ring shopping then! Let her pick out a ring for herself and then holding the ring in your hand, ask her to marry you. There’s no way she won’t be swept off her feet with your proposal.

We hope you enjoyed reading our 3 articles on romantic marriage proposal ideas. We’d love to hear from you so feel free to write in !


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