Lingerie Colours And You

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Finding the right fitting lingerie is only half a shopper’s dilemma; the other half lies in finding the perfect complementing colours as well. Wearing lingerie should never just be about feeling sexy or looking good; in fact many clothing houses would also like you to know that the colours you choose have a big impact on your mood as well. If you’ve been lucky to find a few lingerie pieces that work well for you, why not pick them up in a range of colours so that you can ‘wear’ a shade that works for you anytime of the day?



Nude or tan shades: Nude shades can be very tricky to wear and because women often pick shades that are an extension of their own skin colour, light coloured lingerie can also highlight flabby bits easily. Instead of opting for a 100% nude tone, go for one with slight tints of toffee or for a caramel shade. Nude shades symbolize structure and without doubt, can be worn comfortably through the day and at night as well.




White: We’ve seen many pastel colours creep into bridal wear this year, with brides even opting for jazzy rainbow gowns but white is still a classic shade to get married in. It may be that white has traditionally always been associated with qualities like innocence and purity much like the humble dove. Lingerie brands all over the world usually carry a premium bridal wear lingerie line which offers fantastic options in white with further detailing that includes mix of fabrics, lace, beads, embroidery and the like. White lingerie is ideal for wearing throughout the day.



Black: Think lingerie and most women will think of black. Black signifies power, authority and effortless sexiness. In fact, the most popular shade for night-wear lingerie is always black as opposed to all other colours and even muted tones of black like grey. The world-wide popularity of this shade could also have something to do with the fact that it complements all skin tones and that it also helps to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.


Pink: Think pink and words like blooming rose buds, innocence and youth come to mind. Pink is another very popular shade especially with teenagers and young women in their 20’s, but if you are older and the thought of wearing pink seems a tad too girlie, then why not opt for a darker shade like magenta or fuchsia instead? Besides, being very feminine, this colour is available in a number of shades and also suits a variety of skin tones. Since pink is quite easy on the eyes as well, the colour itself symbolises romance and youth.




Red: Red is the colour of passion and it’s also been scientifically proven that men are more drawn towards women who wear red lipstick, red clothing and especially red coloured lingerie! Not surprisingly, this hot colour is symbolic of emotions like passion, love and lust. So, if you want to take things up a notch or two in the bedroom or just feel sexy when you look at your reflection, red is undoubtedly the colour to go with. Just be careful about which shade you choose as flashy reds may not look appealing on all skin tones. Muted reds and red shades with a maroon tinge are good choices to go with instead.

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