Lingerie Suggestions For Different Body Shapes- Part 1

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The best way to get a great fit is by keeping your body shape in mind whenever you go shopping. There is no one ‘perfect’ body shape because irrespective of body type, there will always be features that can be highlighted and some features which need to be downplayed. We take a look at the best lingerie suggestions for the four most common body shapes:



Apple Shapes: When you have such a good bust line and broad shoulders , we say you should take a risk and maximise your best features! There is no need to be shy of highlighting your upper body because that will also help to draw attention away from your lower half. Corsets are a fantastic lingerie suggestion for you because you get to wear them as tight as you please and they are available in so many styles, cuts and colours. Babydolls will also work  well for you because the bust area tends to have more embroidery work and other detailing whereas the rest of the outfit isn’t clingy at all. If you would like to cover up a little bit more, then opt for a satin or chiffon nightie with a scoop or V shaped neckline.




Pear Shaped: Pear shaped women tend to have smaller busts and large hips so the trick is to wear lingerie that shows off the bust line yet which minimises the hips. Bustiers are definitely the way to go because they help to create the ‘illusion’ of a bigger bust line and are quite comfortable too. We’d suggest getting one with more detailing and a few extra ruffles as that will only make you look sexier. Instead of going with a corset, go for a corset dress which will smoothen out both your hips and waist together. Or how about just teaming a pretty lace brassiere with a pair of lace boyshorts? You’ll love the way they make you look more feminine.




Rectangle Shaped: The great part about having a rectangle shaped body is that you can wear all those really sexy lingerie bits without worrying about whether you’re looking vulgar or not. However, therein lies the challenge as well- creating curves where none may exist. This means that the lingerie that would look the best on you would be the type that highlights your bust and shoulders while simultaneously adding curves to your waist. Corsets and in particular bone corsets are a great choice as they work their magic effortlessly. Chemises when paired with padded brassieres can also make you appear fuller or how about going for burlesque lingerie for extra oomph?



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Hourglass Shaped: If you are one of the lucky few to have an hourglass figure that’s full in all the right places, then we say don’t think twice about going in for some naughty lingerie. If you have it, you ought to flaunt it and when you do, go for extra ruffles, lace and sheer fabric. Teddies look seriously sexy and will show off those curves to perfection. They are available in so many styles, cuts and fabrics but we say that you should consider stocking up on a few teddies with lace details on the bust and with a plunging neckline. A sexy lace brassiere with matching underwear when worn together with garters and stockings can also look really striking.


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