Perfect Finger Foods For A Bachelor Party Or A Hen Party

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Good food isn’t just important at your wedding reception; it can add to the jazz of a party or make the celebration a serious mundane one too. So when it comes to finger food snacks for your bachelor or hen party how do you strike the right balance between serving food that’s delicious and lip smacking without it being boring and unhealthy?

A fun way to make any bachelor party or a hen party interesting and whimsy is by going with the theme that has already been decided. For example, if the theme of the bachelor party is Halloween, then you can let your imagination really run wild. From green lime drinks with an eyeball in the glass to little cupcakes in the shape of wizards or witches and even ketchup splattered potato fries- the list is endless. However, if all you want is to dish up good food that everybody enjoys and compliments you for, then take some inspiration from our top picks below:


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Grilled Veggies & Meat: Think grills and spicy kebabs dripping in sauces come to mind. Serving up an array of kebabs with at least 3 sauces and accompaniments on the side isn’t just a filling protein snack for your guests. Grilled meat goes well with different types of cocktails and mocktails and that makes it a must have on your list of finger foods for a bachelor party. For the vegetarians, grilled cauliflower florets and paneer cubes will work just as well.

Cutlets & Fries: Cutlets are another finger food favourite which are quite easy to make and if you are concerned about food wastage, all you need to do is to make smaller sized balls. We suggest using a mixed proportion of white or red meat and vegetables for extra flavour. Serve these up with fresh mint or pudina chutney and you have a winner on your hands. Potato fries are always a hit and unsurprisingly a regular at most bachelor parties too. Cut the potatoes unevenly and keep the skin on before baking. For a healthier option, switch to sweet potatoes which work just as well. Oregano and parsley seasoning with a hint of pepper will take the flavour to a new level.

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Mini Bites: Gone are the days when hen parties used to feature heavy dishes that were difficult to finish up. Nowadays, the focus is on serving variety in mini bite-sized portions. This idea works well for both the guest and the host. On one hand, guests don’t have to worry about over-eating and calories whereas the host doesn’t have to worry about dealing with left-overs. If you are planning to serve this finger food at your hen party, then do consider options like mini tofu burgers, mini sandwiches, mini samosas filled with spices, mini pizzas and even mini satays. You could also serve mini helpings of spaghetti with meat balls, fettucine in cream and small paneer parathas too.

Sweet Somethings: Everyone has a sweet tooth and so why not let your guests indulge. Pamper them with finger macaroons which are crunchy and light on texture. Mini mousse cups are also a favourite which are creamy and a crowd favourite. If you would like to serve something even more exotic, then try connoisseur chocolates which can be customized to your tastes. Besides their availability in a number of designs and shapes, they can also have different individual fillings which are lip smacking thus making this a great finger food snack.

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