Surprise Moves For Grooms That’ll Win Hearts

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A few extra brownie points now and then really wouldn’t hurt now would it? So, amidst all the preparations for the wedding, it’s important not to forget to have some real fun and to have a few surprises up your sleeve for the Big Day:


Go for romantic dinners– It’s official: you both will be getting married soon and that’s why it’s a good idea to try to get to know each other better before the official day. Plus, every girl loves a romantic guy and the more time you spend with each other will help both of you prepare yourselves mentally for the journey ahead too.  This ‘you two time’ should be used constructively and actually offers you both an opportunity to discuss other wedding details too.


Throw in a surprise dance– Just imagine the excitement level in the room if you and your boys had to suddenly do a mini flash group dance just while the reception is going on and more importantly, how thrilled your bride would be too! A foot tapping number is certain to get everybody’s spirits up and also shows your sporty side. Or if dance isn’t really your thing, how about going with an impromptu skit or lip syncing to some catchy tunes? This is one surprise that everybody will love.


Pick up a gift- For her and why not? After all, she is planning a good part of the wedding details and she has said yes to spending the rest of her life with you. The first’s in life are always special, so it’s worth your time and money to put in lots of thought into your first gift before you both are officially married. Trust us, her surprise and happiness will be more than worth it.


Show your Involvement- There’s honestly a very thin line between becoming exhaustingly involved in the wedding preparations and between showing your support in a timely manner every now and then. Whether it’s your folks asking for opinions on something to your bride who wants to know which colour sets off her rosy cheeks perfectly to a meeting or two with the wedding planner- let your near and dear ones know that you’re open to pitching in as and when needed.


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