The Second Weddings Series: Why A Second Marriage Is Worth Considering Part 2

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In a continuation to the first part of our article, we take a look at three more reasons as to why couples who get married for the second time do a much more successful job of staying happily married:


Genuine Commitment: Couples who get together for the second time are drop dead serious about making it work for real. There is a sense of added maturity to the relationship on the whole and a certain drive or commitment to truly get the relationship off the ground is definitely there. In fact, one might even say that they are careful not to take anything for granted and if experts are to be believed, then it can also be said their determination levels exceed their expectation levels.


Not Taking Anything for Granted: Second timers also appear to have a heightened sense of gratitude for a second chance at a relationship. This is not to say that singletons have it rough or aren’t happy people, but to most others, being in a relationship which is evolving, gratifying and fulfilling is a priority. It may sound strange but being grateful for the smallest things in life irrespective of one’s spirituality and taking each day as it comes with the full knowledge that tomorrow may deal an unexpected blow, can alter the very meaning of ‘living’ itself. It can be said that gratitude helps to put add clarity to our everyday and also helps us be more appreciative of what we have.


Search for a Partner: People looking to get married for the second time are much more careful when it comes to looking and pairing up with the right partner. Most people who have experienced a failed marriage admit that when they got hitched for the first time, they didn’t know what they wanted in a partner and had yet to understand themselves fully as well. By the time, people experience the sudden death of a first marriage; they begin the process of understanding themselves better and also taking a closer look at traits they would like in a partner. Herein lies the difference- they look for qualities that they are certain will help make a marriage work and which are important for the relationship itself. So, don’t be surprised when you read about celebs saying a firm goodbye to a life in the spotlight and choosing to give up a ‘dream’ life in order to enjoy the stability that a strong marriage offers.

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