Top 10 Indian Wedding foods

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Indians are famous for their peculiar choice of food. The moment we hear about Indian food, the aroma of all those enticing spices and the lip-smackingly delicious sweets (among other things) cross our mind. There is no single special occasion that can go without several delicacies being served up on the platter. Whether it is a sweet or something spicy, these tastes can never be matched. Indian wedding food is no exception : this is one occasion when one can be sure that the menu will be grand and the food- delicious.

Just like its wide variety of cultures, India has a huge variety of cuisines too and each of those is entirely different from the other one. We have picked something special from some of the cuisines and made a small list of food items that can be added in the menu to make the wedding ceremony more delicious and memorable:

KHAKHARA: The crunchy snack coming from the state of Gujarat is an integral part of any Gujarati marriage. Made out of mat bean, wheat flour and fried in oil, these thin crackers are delicious.


FISH FRY: What is a Bengali wedding without a fish? Any auspicious occasion in Bengal is marked with the presence of fish and a wedding is no exception to that. Fish is in fact presented as a gift to the bride on her wedding from the groom’s side. A fish fry is one of the most important items in a Bengali wedding meal.

AVIYAL: A typical dish served in weddings in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, this is basically a mixed vegetable curry prepared with curd base.


MASALA DOSA: Those  who are fond of South Indian food know what we are talking about here. A masala dosa, which is a staple dish of South Indians, is also definitely one of the most lip-smacking dishes served in a wedding. With time, it is also finding its place in North Indian weddings as a great snack option.

KESARIA PEDA: No function is complete in India without inclusion of sweets in the platter. A kesaria peda is one of the most requested dishes in Bihar. Its mostly served as a dessert in these weddings.


LACHHA PARATHA: An important part of a traditional Punjabi Thali, a lachha paratha is another delicacy that everyone loves. Bread baked nicely to give you an amazingly different flavor; this is definitely one thing to ask for.


GATTE KI SABZI: A traditional Rajasthani dish made of gram flour; this is one more something that can be an amazing addition to the menu. This is  made of steamed gram flour dumplings that’s dunked in yoghurt based curry.

CHIROTI: Another sweet dish made from “chiroti rava” that comes from Karnataka, this is consumed with badam milk. A crispy sweet that melts in mouth is a different something you can make your guests go crazy in your wedding.

ANKALOS: A dish that comes from the mountains of Himachal, this is made from gram flour. It leaves a unique aroma to the tongue after eating that makes you asking for more.

CHAKKI KA SHAAK:  This delicacy from the state of Madhya Pradesh can be another great addition that is contemporary and a healthy addition to your menu. It’s made out of heated dough of wheat that is steamed and is eaten with curd.


Of course: when you are in a country like India where everything starts and ends with delicious food, this list is endless. So simply take a look around, and you are sure to find amazing options as far as your wedding food menu is concerned.


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