Thank You Gifts For Your Groomsmen

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So, you’ve asked your best friend to be the best man at the wedding and your four school buddies said yes to taking on the roles of groomsmen for the wedding. As the lucky guy about to be wed, you can expect some great presents from them, but what’s the best way to show your appreciation for the way they have stood by you through thick and thin and most importantly for the wedding planning? We share three touching yet manly thank you gifting ideas with you, which we are sure your groomsmen will love:


Gourmet food baskets and connoisseur chocolates have been doing the rounds for some time now and although indulging in both is certain to be a treat, the novelty will wear off once the goodies are polished off. Have you ever heard of anybody actually saving the box or hamper in which the chocolates came in? That’s why it’s best to avoid thank you gifts that are perishable and which cannot be stored or kept. If, however, you can’t resist the idea of gifting a fine bottle of wine or scotch, then invest in the best and present it with a set of new glasses to celebrate with. Unless you are highly certain that an electronic gift will be cherished, it is advisable to avoid gifting one.


Thank you gifts which have been chosen keeping your groomsmen’s hobbies in mind are also a great idea. For example, if your best man loves dabbling in a bit of photography when he has the time, consider gifting a leather camera case or even signing him up for photography classes with a professional. If, your friends enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, then gifting them a new branded backpack or a DIY tool kit would be very useful. If your friends travel a lot for work, a leather briefcase or overnight bag is also a fantastic thank you gift to consider.


Customised thank you gifts are always popular and add a nice endearing touch to any gift you choose to give. For example, your hiker friend will greatly appreciate being gifted a multipurpose Swiss Army Knife with his name engraved on it. Even a briefcase can be engraved with the initials of your friend and the date of your wedding. Lighter thank you gifting ideas like name engraved beer mugs, t-shirts, wallets and cufflinks are also other budget friendly ideas which can be considered. While getting the names engraved on the gifts, add a stylish touch to the letters by opting for a calligraphic style or a slanting font.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your thank you gift by including a handwritten note of thanks as well.

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