Tips on Choosing Your Bridesmaid’s Attire

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Dress hunting for your bridesmaids is just as fun as picking out the perfect wedding sari or wedding gown for yourself. But if you’re worried about what kind of wedding attire will suit your bridesmaids the best, worry not because our simple tips will help you decide on the perfect look for them, which they will love!


Don’t just pick up something grandiose for your ladies just because it’s your wedding; gift them something that they can wear on other occasions as well! For example, a well fitted dress can be worn at parties or to other formal functions, whereas a sari can be paired up with trendy blouses of different hues for a truly fashionable look. In fact, gifting your bridesmaids a garment that they can proudly add to their wardrobe is a wonderful souvenir of your wedding itself.


Think hard about the colour of the garment. It’s safe to assume that all your bridesmaids will not necessarily have the same skin tone and loud bright colours which may suit a fair skin tone will sit badly on those who have a darker complexion. Unless you are fine with having a rainbow of colours by your side or experimenting with two shades (one light and one dark), it’s best to stick with a colour palette that suits a range of complexions. Pastel shades like white, cream, peach, beige and even baby pink suit most Indian skin tones and with the right hints of embroidery or design, your bridesmaids will look very attractive.


If you find it hard to reach a decision with regard to one pattern or one type of Indian wear for your bridesmaids, it may be worth considering another alternative. You could pick out the fabric and the colour while leaving the bridesmaids to decide which cut or pattern suits their body type the best. This allows them to have a bigger say in their bridesmaid wear as well as in the overall final look. Just make sure that any colour you choose complements your wedding attire and does not clash with it because as the bride, it’s definitely your day to stand out!

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