Top First Date Beauty Tips

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So, it’s going to be your first date- what can be more exciting than a date with your crush? As the initial excitement sinks in, the first date jitters hit hard and you feel like you will soon go crazy over what to wear, how to look your absolute best and how to make a lasting impression. Should you just go all natural or apply a bit of makeup? Should you wear that backless LBD or pick something more traditional? Wear your hair in a bun or just let it down? With each passing hour the list  of questions gets longer and you find yourself terribly confused. Worry not-we are here to help you get over these first date night jitters with these simple beauty tips:

First Date Beauty Hacks to Remember

Part I – The Preparation

To look beautiful naturally on your first date, start taking some precautions a few days ahead of the date. Along with your regular beauty routine, take extra care of your health and diet. Wrong diet eventually leaves an impact on the overall health too. So, if you don’t eat properly or are not well-rested, you will end up looking tired and your skin will also look dull. You can’t do much for dull skin and no amount of makeup can help.

Do a green tea herbal facial and get a rejuvenated face instantly. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits such as papaya, apples, berries etc as these fruits aid your digestive system and solve skin issues. At the same time, try to stay away from junk foods, oily or deep fried stuff which can cause breakouts overnight.

First date beauty tips

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Part II – The Big Day

Now that the day is here there are some important things you need to do. Here are some beauty hacks to try on the day:

Eyes: While it’s hard to resist the appeal of smoky eyes, overdoing them can spoil the entire effort and make you look gross. Use a natural shimmer eye-shadow and kohl pencil to get a simple look. Give your eyelashes an extra dimension by applying a natural mascara if it’s a daytime. Alternatively, use a black intense mascara with eyelashes curler.

Cheeks: Gone are the days when girls’ cheeks need to be red like apples. These days, keeping it close to reality is the trend as far as cheeks as well as overall makeup is concerned. Use shimmery peach or pale pink blush to highlight your face and cheekbones.

Lips: Last but not least, take care of your lips right away by using a dollop of lip balm or good old petroleum jelly on your lips Wipe off the excess on a tissue paper. You can even apply some coconut oil, olive oil or ghee the night before to ensure supple, healthy lips the next day. To exfoliate the dead skin off the lips, use a soft bristled brush to gently remove the dead skin layer.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to share your first date story with us in the comments section below.

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