In Vogue- Informal Weddings Part 3

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Informal weddings can be tons of fun with the right bit of planning and preparation. We wrap up our series on informal weddings with this article:


Venue: An informal wedding is truly casual in every way and that’s why one of the best venues to consider is your own home, your parent’s home, a friend’s house and if you are certain that your guests just cannot be accommodated in any of the above, to consider renting a hall. If your guests number is no more than 20, then why not look at hosting a dinner at a restaurant instead? Many top restaurants have private rooms which can comfortably seat up to 20 people at a time. In this way, you could even choose to have an a la carte meal or a set buffet depending on your budget.


Food Menu: Food undoubtedly serves as a great conversation starter, but since the number of guests for your informal wedding will be fewer in number, you have the option of serving some top notch food to your select guests. On the other hand, to add an element of surprise and fun, you could also ask your guests to come for the reception with one of their favourite or much sought after dishes in hand. A potluck dinner at an informal wedding is a great idea! If you plan to cook for your guests, it’s best to think of the better alternative which is getting the food catered as it helps to take a huge responsibility off your hands. Instead of splashing on a tiered wedding cake, go for a simple home baked cake with rich frosting and serve that along with the other desserts.


Gift Favours: Favours are a great way to thank your near and dear ones for attending your wedding and making the celebration a grand success. Handwritten thank you notes are a sweet way of showing your appreciation and the favours you give could range from a small pack of chocolates to a bottle of wine to a charity donation made on behalf of the guests. Little potted plants or a framed photograph of you and your partner also make thoughtful inexpensive presents to gift. If you are willing to splurge more on informal wedding favours, then a ‘His & Her’ perfume gift set or toiletry set would also be a good option to consider.

We hope you liked our articles on informal weddings and that it has inspired you to plan your very own ‘no-frills, fuss-free’ wedding in the near future. Stay tuned for the next special series coming your way!

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