10 Wedding Day Disasters No One Saw Coming!

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Everybody talks about the beautiful moments, rituals, dresses and hairstyles, but nobody talks about beautiful moments turned ugly, like when the dress got stained accidentally. Well, these things are also a part of a wedding. No matter how meticulously you plan everything, things will go wrong. But instead of letting a few wrongs ruin your big day, you can make a list of possible wedding day disasters and plan your backups accordingly. Yes, being prepared is the key when it’s about wedding day disasters. Here we have listed some of the most common wedding day disasters and how you can tackle them.

1. Spills on the wedding dress

It can be just plain water or hot espresso or something much worse; depending on your luck factor. Even the most cautious brides is likely to go through this nightmare. Ask your best friend to keep tissues and a mild fabric wash handy at all times.

2. Uninvited guests show up

Unexpected and uninvited guests can be a headache if the numbers are significantly higher than what you expected, or especially if you are not fond of ones who have turned up. Unless you absolutely cannot stand your uninvited guests, you can accommodate them easily into your big day. Just ask your caterer to take care of the food and make sure you have accommodation available.

3. A brawl breaks out

Even worst, a drunk brawl between groom’s relatives and your relatives. How to prevent that? Ask a reliable and calm person, maybe your brother or a cousin, to handle the situation. It’s good to take them out for some fresh air before the situation escalates.

4. Shortage of food

Running out of food and drinks is the last thing you want to happen in your wedding. It’s always better to count extra food and beverages for at least 50 or more people.

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5. A bad weather

The chances of this are high if you are planning a monsoon wedding. You can never predict nature and its sudden mood swings. So if there’s any chance of a shower or a thunderstorm, roll up your sleeves, get the umbrellas, raincoats and waterproof shoes ready. Also, if you have to travel to the venue, try to pack everything neatly before you leave for the venue.

6. A guest breaks something

Especially, when it’s one of the items the decorators or the wedding planners have arranged. Even if it’s not from the decorator’s collection, losing a valuable antique centrepiece does not really feel good. Best to avoid staging delicate items if you are expecting many kids at the event.

7. Guests arrive before time

Yes, having way-too-punctual guests can be a disaster too. To tackle this situation, ask a few of your friends and relatives to get all dressed up beforehand to attend them and keep them entertained.

8. Last minute acne breakouts

Simply use the magic solution i.e. toothpaste! Apply it on the breakouts, wait for 5 minutes, and rinse it with cold water. The blemish will lighten considerably. Your MUA will also use a concealer and foundation so it won’t be seen.

9. Tangled garlands

Exchanging garlands is not always as easy as it’s shown in the Bollywood movies. In fact, it can create quite a messy situation. You might topple over, the varmalas might get entangled, they might even just fall apart. To avoid a wedding without garlands, order a backup pair ready.

10. An extremely inconsiderate ghodi

An inconsiderate and misbehaving horse is the last thing the groom would want on the big day. Trained ghoriwalaas must be present to avoid the situation. If you are still concerned, forgo the Ghori and arrive in some other reliable transport.

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