Wedding Food Blunders- Avoid These 6 Mistakes

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A wedding food blunder is for real.  Any food related decision is usually difficult to make but when it comes to weddings, it reaches an entirely different level. Most of the times, couples make food related decisions based on what the preferences of the guests is likely to be and the elders in the family too, without doubt play a role in deciding what will be served.

However, the maximum number of blunders usually centre around food and if you’re in wedding planning mode, here’s what you need to keep in mind first to minimise losses:

Not Having a Budget

wedding food blunders

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As with any planning on a large scale, having a budget for food especially is very important because just like the décor, this is one area in which the expense can really hit the roof. Before you plan on a budget, decide on the number of guests to invite first. Add an extra 50 numbers to that list and you’ll have the actual number of food plates to order.

Having Too Many Cuisines

wedding food blunders

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Confused about whether to choose Intercontinental, Mexican, Turkish, Italian or just Indian? Featuring two cuisines is quite ok but you need to plan on the number of dishes that you are going to feature from both as well. Weddings these days sometimes even have 200 dishes served to guests which in truth confuses more than impresses! Avoid this common wedding food blunder.

Food Wastage

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There are plenty of trending dishes and cuisines but incorporating a multi course menu that runs into pages will prove to be a costly wedding food blunder. If sticking to your budget is priority then make sure you don’t serve a huge variety of food as that will only increase your food expense. By ordering enough for the guests, you ensure that there is no or minimal food wastage as well.

 Shortage of Food

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It’s important to make sure that there is no shortage of food at your wedding as this could be a really big embarrassment for you and your family. Most caterers will agree that there are always some dishes that are huge crowd pleasers whereas some other dishes may not have many takers. We suggest sitting down with your caterer to work out the optimal quantity of food to order.

Crowded Buffet Tables

wedding food blunders

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You need to decide how the wedding food will be served- will all the dishes be served at the table itself or will the guest have to stand in line to serve himself. If you choose to serve all the dishes at the table, then ensure that there are enough waiters and helpers around so that all the guests can dine at the same time. On the other hand, if a buffet table is more to your liking, then ensure that arrangements are made for at least four to six counters so that there is no overcrowding at any one counter.

Serving Expensive Ingredients

The celeb world didn’t bat an eyelid when Madonna flew in special cuts of kobe beef from Japan for her wedding but serving dishes that use expensive ingredients is only likely to run out faster at the wedding and of course make a hole in your wallet. If there’s a specific dish that you want to serve at your wedding at all costs, then try talking to your caterer for a version that uses less expensive and locally available ingredients instead. Simple communication can prevent a big wedding food blunder.

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