Wedding Therapists And You- Part 2

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In the second part of our article on wedding therapists and you, we take a look at why you and your partner should consider making an appointment with one, before your Big Day:



The first reason why meeting a wedding therapist is beneficial is because it can help you keep grounded through all the stress and planning involved with pulling off the big wedding. Many couples get carried away while pouring over details such as which designer wear to choose, the perfect honeymoon spot that will make Facebook friends turn a shade green or other nitty-gritties. Yes, it is important to enjoy the moment whilst you’re in the spotlight, but don’t forget that the wedding on the whole is about much more than just the ceremony.




It’s a common story- boy & girl have a grand wedding and an even more lavish reception, spend one week with each other and then realise that they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives together. As long as a tale like this is happening to somebody else, it’s easy to have a laugh about it but post wedding stories such as these also emphasize the importance of understanding and companionship to make a partnership tick. A wedding therapist can help the two of you open up a conversation about what you both feel an institution like marriage is about, what both of you expect from it, the kind of lifestyle you both want and also help the two of you lay down some basic rules which can be followed from the first day itself.



Irrespective of how well the two of you get along together (you may share the same interests and even love the same restaurant) but never forget that the two of you have been raised in different families and in a different setting even if both families share the same culture, traditions and values. Sometimes, the differences may be small but should not be overlooked. For example, your parents may have followed a ‘no arguments in front of the children’ rule in your childhood years whereas his parents may have not. What may seem unusual and inappropriate to you may be just fine for him! Opening up to a wedding therapist about the way in which both of you were raised respectively, will help you develop mutual respect, patience and empathy for each other as well. Most importantly, you will be mentally ready to compromise when such a need arises.




Becoming a part of a new family undoubtedly requires major adjustments for both the bridegroom and the bride; however it is also an unwritten rule that the bride often needs to make the most number of internal adjustments as well. Having some idea as to what your new family expects from you and also how to get along with them without compromising on your personality or individuality is important. A wedding therapist can give you advice on how to fit into your new roles as wife and daughter-in-law which will make being accepted into a new family much easier.

What are the uncomfortable points or questions that should be discussed with your partner and a wedding therapist? That’s coming up next!


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