Wedding Therapists And You- Part 3

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In the last part of our article, we take a look at 3 important concerns that you should address and discuss with your partner in the presence of a wedding therapist. Although bringing up some uncomfortable topics may not be easy, it could save you and your partner a lot of heartache once the wedding ceremonies come to an end. The three ‘must discuss’ topics are:



Money: Should one person be the sole breadwinner, will there be two and how should the expenses be split in that case? Money is often a sensitive issue to bring up and that could be one reason why most couples prefer to keep this topic for the very last, but it’s important to have some idea and draw up a plan of action with regard to single or joint earnings. For some couples, the stress that comes with money concerns can crop up during the wedding planning itself. If the two of you plan to fund your wedding together, making a list of expenses in a document (like Google docs) that can be updated and accessed from anywhere makes it easier to keep track of current expenses.




Finances: The kind of lifestyle the two of you desire will lay the foundation for your financial planning in the future. For example if the two of you like to travel, it is likely that a certain sum of money will be kept aside each year for a holiday whereas if purchasing a luxury car is top priority after marriage, then setting aside a fixed amount of money each month makes sense. A wedding therapist can help you draw up a balanced financial plan; one which allows both of you to spend for yourselves with the added responsibility of sharing any other fixed and variable expenses. Talking openly about giving parents a monthly income; donating money to charities etc allows both of you to plan ways to grow your savings.




Children: Believe it or not, but most wedding therapists agree that this important concern is often raised and argued about months or even years after the wedding. This is a sensitive issue and quite often women who are in their thirties may be eager to have a child within one – two years of marriage whereas the same cannot be said for the husband. In some cases, it could be the opposite situation too. Discuss with your partner about when the right time to have a child is keeping in mind that you both would need to look at accumulated savings, address career concerns, consider city or country relocations if any and also keep health factors in mind. While you both may have contradicting opinions on this issue, a wedding therapist can help you find the middle ground so that planning becomes easier.


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