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Shivani is a freelancer who has studied and worked in the UK. She has travelled extensively and reading is her passion. She currently resides in Shanghai, China.

Wedding Day Rangoli Ideas

Rangoli is big part of Indian traditions. It is deep rooted in our culture and marks its place at the entrance of houses and temples alike. Rangoli designs are seen on...

How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’

How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape

We’ve already read about ‘How to Eat Right for Your Body Shape’. Now let’s understand ‘How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’. It is quite important to...

Hollywood inspired braided hairstyles

Hollywood Inspired Braided Hairstyles

Wedding or bridal hairstyles are often difficult to finalise. There are so many options available: you can use your natural length, you can use extensions, you can go for...

eating right for your body shape

How To Eat Right According To Your Body Shape

When you dream of your wedding day, you picture yourself to be perfect – with a wonderful wedding dress, dreamy make up, glamorous footwear-the works! Other than these things that you can...

12 tips to sleep better for glowing skin

12 Tips For Sleeping Better for Glowing Skin

A glowing skin on the wedding day is of utmost importance to the bride. She wants to look her best and healthy skin is the vehicle for flawless...

wedding bands

Wedding Ring Trends

Needless to say that a wedding is a special occasion for not just the to-be-bride, but her family as well. A marriage is a highly sacred bond and naturally, the bride and the...

Stay Calm on Wedding day

5 Tips to Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day

The day of your wedding is the most stressful day of all. You want everything perfect and thanks to these expectations, most find themselves all worked up . Naturally, it shows on...