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Wedding Day Rangoli Ideas

Rangoli is drawn at the entrance of wedding venue. It is the first welcome gesture. It is also considered to welcome gods and deity's by way of rangoli....

How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’

How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape

Last week we spoke about 'How to Eat Right for Your Body Shape'. Now let us understand how to dress according your body shape. Read more to understand...

Hollywood inspired braided hairstyles

Hollywood Inspired Braided Hairstyles

Hair styling is an important aspect in a wedding. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, it is a crucial decision. Have you thought of a braided...

eating right for your body shape

How To Eat Right According To Your Body Shape

What you eat determines not only your health but also your body shape and where the fat is stored. Each body shape has particular needs in terms of...

12 tips to sleep better for glowing skin

12 Tips For Sleeping Better for Glowing Skin

Learn the secrets to sleeping better!! We have 12 tips to help you get the best sleep in order to get that bridal glow!

wedding bands

Wedding Ring Trends

A surefire way to ensure that your wedding ring stands out is to go in for the latest trends...take a cue from the celebs or simply mix things...

Stay Calm on Wedding day

5 Tips to Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day

The day of the wedding is usually very hectic. As a bride it is important that you relax and stay completely composed and calm. We have just the...