Month: August 2014

Work Life Balance

5 Tips to Maintain Work Life Balance

As a student all you do is study, because without that 98% aggregate, there’s no way you can get admission in a good university. If you are a...

Wedding decor

While Negotiating with Wedding Vendors…

A wedding is on the cards. You want it to be a dream wedding. Plan it out with your wedding vendors in a manner that will leave no...

bachelor party

Indian Grooms Series: Bachelor Party Menu Ideas

Thought planning what to serve at a bachelor party was hard? Not anymore, because we have a few finger-licking ideas to share with you.

technology eliminates wedding planning stress

5 Ways In Which Technology Can help Simplify Indian Wedding Planning

Presenting 5 ways in which modern technology can help reduce stress that invariably accompanies planning an Indian wedding. There are plenty of ideas as well as...

Groom's duties in wedding planning

Guest Post: The Groom’s Duties to Help the Bride on The Wedding Day

Most people think that the wedding day is all about the bride and that the groom has little to do with the entire process. However, this is changing....Guest...

Healthy relationship

For a Healthy Relationship with Mom-in-Law….

With changing dynamics within an Indian family, the daughter in law needs to keep certain things in mind while dealing with her in laws.

indian weddings

Indian Groom Series- Fun Bachelor Party Themes 2

Planning a bachelor party is definitely something else. Three more ideas in store for you this week.