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wedding DJ

20 Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ Before Hiring

Do you know what you should be asking your wedding DJ before paying him an advance? Read our article to find out more.

essential oils every bride must use

5 Essential Oils That Enhance Your Skin Health

Here are 5 best essential oils to keep in your beauty and medical cabinet!

groom skin care tips

Grooms Be Aware of These Sins Which Are Killing Your Skin

Here are the 10 skin sins most men are guilty of doing at some point in life. Did you know some of these skincare mistakes can even cause...

abroad wedding planning tips

5 Tips to Plan a Wedding Abroad on a Budget

Get tips for planning a wedding abroad without breaking the bank!

celeb wedding

Real Celeb Wedding- Samantha & Chaitanya Tie The Knot!

Looking for some inspiration from a recent celeb wedding? We give you the details on the famous Samantha and Chaitanya wedding that took place over the weekend.

wedding food blunders

Wedding Food Blunders- Avoid These 6 Mistakes

Concerned about how much food to order for your wedding that's so near? Read our 6 points on the type of wedding food blunders to avoid.

real Udaipur destination wedding by Weddingnama and The wedding designers Mumbai

Real Weddings: Nikita-Chirag’s Royal Udaipur Wedding (With Qawwali Night!)

We cannot think of a better way to start the week than a royal wedding that makes us smile. Nikita and Chirag chose Udaipur as their destination wedding...